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Southland Home Show News

November 2021

The Southland Home Show 2022 is just 20 weeks away.

Around the country vaccination targets are being met, new drugs have arrived for serious cases and the booster shots start in a few days, which allows the return to a new normality after restrictions and lock downs.

Dr. Bloomfield is confident we will escape new waves of infection similar to those being seen in Europe at the moment, because our immunity will not have time to lower to levels that lets that happen, it is summer, and we can all get the third vaccination early next year. 

Southland is well placed and will move to orange on the traffic light system on 3 December and that means events can be held for the double vaccinated with no limits.

We are very excited that the Southland Home Show will be one of those events, and that we will again be the biggest promotion for the Building, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Furnishing Industries in Southland next year.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back.




October 2021

It is five months until the Southland Home Show is open for business, and to date we have sold 85% of the exhibitor space -  which is an excellent response.

The events industry has been working closely with the Government over recent months to ensure that in 2022 people can again go to exhibitions, shows, conferences, and other events without the fear of Covid lockdowns or infection.

We understand that the Health Department believes that double vaccinated people who get Covid will not need hospitalisation, and those people not vaccinated, who catch Covid, will be treated with a new drug called Ronapreve that will keep them from getting so sick that they need hospitalisation.

Andrew Little announced at the weekend that Pharmac had secured enough Ronapreve to treat 5300 people and expects to be able to buy more next year.

We understand the Government believes that this strategy will return the country to near normal early in 2022.

However, we also understand that all large events for the foreseeable future will only be open to double vaccinated people, as will indoor sports venues, which Stadium Southland is, meaning our event is a double vaccinated event because of the rules Stadium Southland must adhere to.

These decisions mean that all of the exhibitors staff will require to be be double vaccinated.

You will need to address this and if there is a problem please contact me.



  • Show Dates
    2 - 3 April 2022
  • Show Times
    10am – 5pm Sat & Sun
  • Admission
    $10 Adults - Children Free!
    $8 Seniors
  • Venue
    ILT Stadium Southland, Surrey Park Road, Invercargill
  • Visitor Ticket Price
    Adults $10 ?? 
    Accompanied children under 16 Years Free ??